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Hilary KinaveyHilary Kinavey, MS, LPC
specializes in disordered eating and weight-related concerns, in addition to healing from trauma, anxiety and depression and addictions. She is dedicated to helping others live conscious, authentic lives by cultivating a healthy relationship between food, mind, and body.  She works from a Health at Every Size (R) and Intuitive eating model that encourages rebuilding trust with your body.

Hilary’s Approach
I believe that the counseling/coaching relationship is an integral tool in healing. Counseling is intended to help people move towards an integrated sense of self, an enhanced understanding of your own inner resources and strengths, and an enhanced sense of self-efficacy.

I work in partnership with clients to develop a deeper understanding of their personal challenges and inner wisdom as well as their personal story. As a counselor, I place an emphasis on developing insight, mindfulness, and empathy for self. My counseling style is warm, casual and down to earth.

I am respectful of each individual’s own process in therapy. I draw upon mindfulness practice in combination with cognitive-behavioral techniques, family systems theory and motivational interviewing. I am trained in EMDR, Phase I & II.

As a therapist, my specialization and interest is in working with:

Food/Weight/Body Image Concerns
Eating Disorders
Trauma/Post Traumatic Stress
Abuse/Adults Molested As Children
Our Emotional Relationship with Food
Pre and Post Bariatric Surgery
Life Transitions
Relationship Counseling

Hilary has been an adjunct professor at Lewis and Clark College in the Eating Disorder's Certificate Program.

Hilary offers counseling services to people who live locally and is available for online wellness coaching for those who live out of the area.

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Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD is a registered dietician and Kripalu yoga teacher with extensive experience using a motivational approach to help individuals let go of food/weight obsession to heal relationship with food and reach a natural, healthy weight. Dana works with patients using awareness practice and conscious eating guidelines as the foundation for a more enjoyable eating experience.

Dana’s Approach
People are often confused when it comes to nutrition and health.  The media has made us think we do not know how to eat.  Making healthy food choices need not be as complicated as people make it.  I help clients connect to inner cues of hunger and satiety while honoring their food likes and dislikes and eating the foods that taste good and make them feel better.

I believe we all have a core set of values that guide our behaviors. I help my clients to identify what is important to them, and how the life they are living today might be interferring with their ability to live according to their core values.  I work in partnership with clients to increase inner motivation and strengthen commitment to a healthy lifestyle before creating a plan to change behavior. I have found that when the decision to change is made from a deeper place, the change is more likely to be long-lasting and pervasive.

I help clients understand that ambivalence is a normal and natural part of the change process. I provide a safe, supportive and empowering environment for clients to explore all the conflicting thoughts and feelings about change. At this point, my clients are more prepared to make well-thought out, committed decisions.

I work together with clients to identify changes they feel most ready to make. We identify barriers to success and determine the best course of action.

As a nutrition therapist, my specialization and interests include:

Food/Weight/Body Image concerns
Eating Disorders
Chronic Dieting and Weight Cycling
Health at Every Size
Intuitive Eating

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